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About > Management Team


Scott L. Dobak

Chief Executive Officer

Joined Dicom in February 2014

  • Expertise: Inspiring and motivating the organization to achieve greatness 
  • Did you know? Scott and his family enjoy hosting international exchange students!


Roger Andrews

CIO, Chief Information Officer

Expertise – Integrating technology with systematic processes, data solutions, and innovations to evolve the business.

Did you know?  Roger coached his son’s baseball for several years and enjoys boating and jet skiing with his family.


Jason Bergman

Chief Commercial Officer

Joined Dicom in January 2017

  • Expertise: Developing strategic partnerships with creative supply chain solutions for our customers
  • Did you know? Jason teaches at Rutgers Business School in their supply chain department!


Michael Borrows

Chief Financial Officer

Joined Dicom in August 2017

  • Expertise: Transforming businesses by developing teams, leading change, and driving profitability
  • Did you know? Michael enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, two children, and two dogs!


Josh Frank

General Counsel and Head of HR

Joined Dicom in June 2016

  • Expertise: Establishing strong business foundations with extensive legal and human resources experience
  • Did you know? Josh has run four marathons and even knows how to tap dance!


Joe Jaska

President and COO, Final Mile & Distribution 

Joined Dicom in March 2016

  • Expertise: Extensive knowledge across all areas of transportation, including freight, final mile, and logistics
  • Did you know? Joe owns and operates a cattle ranch in Texas raising Texas Longhorn!