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When it comes to distribution and final mile services, Dicom is a preferred partner for local small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We provide local, regional, and cross-border transportation of retail merchandise, high-value goods, biomedical supplies and equipment. We can efficiently fulfill your inbound and outbound needs with our capabilities to manage freight between your vendors, distribution centers, as well as your customers!

Let Us Complete Your Supply Chain!

Pool Distribution

Our pool distribution services allow our customers to reduce their transportation spend, as well as their environmental impact, while increasing customer satisfaction through better transportation practices! Dicom’s solutions include the pickup, linehaul, sorting, cross-docking, pooling and delivery to your customers. 



Final Mile Services

Dicom can fulfill the last leg of your supply chain with our proprietary routing software allowing us to meet your delivery windows. This allows your receivers to plan for labor and floor space to unload - maximizing your cost savings!

Specialized Services

Freight palletization, flexible delivery times, store holds, split shipments, unassisted deliveries, inside deliveries, and reverse logistics are some of the other distribution services Dicom offers.




  • Straight trucks and tractor trailers
  • Lift gate equipment available
  • Extendable conveyors and motorized conveyor tracks
  • Multiple dock doors for both loading and unloading
  • Forklifts, pallet jacks, hand carts, building docks

The Dicom Edge

Our entrepreneurial spirit & small business flexibility allows us to build creative solutions for our customers.

  • 99% on-time delivery within our established network
  • Reduced risk for damages with shipments undergoing less handling
  • Seamless integration between our systems and your own
  • Services can be bundled with other Dicom lines of business to complete your supply chain
  • PCS and Bearware compliant scanning at all our terminals in addition to our proprietary smart4 technology, ensuring real-time visibility and accuracy