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Dicom is committed to delivering supply chain solutions tailored to your logistics needs. We have experienced professionals to help streamline your operations in Canada, the United States, as well as across the border.  Dicom Logistics will deliver the best service value to improve your speed to market while eliminating supply chain waste!

Trust Our Logistics Experts!


We will find the solution no matter the size of your shipment!  We have established partnerships across all modes of transportation including road, rail, and air. Whether it’s an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution or one that is completely made-to-order, we take pride in being agile and flexible.



Transportation Management System (TMS)

The Dicom TMS takes the emotion and bias out of selecting carriers. Automatically select the carrier providing the best transit times, schedules, and prices. 

Our service include:

  • Rationalization of network and distribution
  • Freight management
  • Zone skipping
  • Dedicated distribution
  • Customer pickups
  • Expedited transit schedules
  • Time release of product
  • Specialized customs brokerage
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Order fulfilment (Pick & Pack)
  • Special commodities handling
  • Invoice auditing

The Dicom Edge

Our entrepreneurial spirit & small business flexibility allows us to build creative solutions for our customers.

  • Proprietary TMS based on our customers’ needs
  • Customer mobile applications to facilitate shipping
  • Ability to provide both dedicated and shared services
  • Improvement in supply chain efficiency while reducing transportation costs