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smart4 integration

smart4 integration is a solution that allows for the integration of the entire smart4 suite, as well as all other DIcom technologies, but also allows customers using their own ERP systems to integrate directly with Dicom through the APIs of smart4 integration.

  • One unified platform
  • Centralized shipment and scanning data
  • Focused on speed and reliability
  • Updates available in real time

Developer Friendly

• Highly intuitive documentation platform
• Modern data formats
• Precise validation messages
• Feedback platform
• Uptime monitoring
• Sandbox environment for testing

Seamless Integration

• REST API compatible with most platforms and languages
• JSON and XML support
• Client SDK (C#, Java, NodeJS, PHP and more)
• Open API specification (formerly known as Swagger)
• Postman collection
• Single account for web and API



Common API Platform

• For all Dicom services: parcel and freight
• Domestic and cross-border


a) Activate a login
You may link billing accounts to your profile by adding your billing account
numbers to your profile in Step 1 or during the registration process;
Account Identification.


b) Once the user login is created, contact technical support by emailing and request API roles in order to acquire
the rights to use the APIs. 

If you link one or more billing accounts, you must provide proof that you are the account holder or that you are authorized to use these accounts.


The following URL is the link to the documentation:
This link contains details on how you can set up Dicom’s APIs to
manage shipments and pickups, follow up on tracking, create labels,
and have access to terminal details and transit times.




Need help?
Email the Help Desk at to open a support
ticket should you require any help setting up your APIs.

Please note that the internal Dicom IT team does not provide development services for APIs, but is always availble to provide support.

Rise up to the next level by using smart4 integration, an advanced set of APIs to connect with our platform!