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smart4 mobility

Dicom is using smartphone technology to enhance the shipping experience. The benefits of smart4 mobility flow across the supply chain from our forklift operators all the way to our customers! smart4 mobility is a composite solution available for both Android and iOS.

Drivers: Parcel, Freight, Distribution, and Logistics

• Allows all business functions to exist in one platform
• Bluetooth compatibility for high volume scanning
• Seamless integration with partner carriers


Warehouse: Facilitates operational management

• Robust, user-friendly, secure
• Increased efficiency for sorting and scanning
• Improved package visibility


Customers: Provides visibility and control

• Easy access on-the-go
• Real-time updates
• Self-serve shipment management
  > Reconciles incoming shipments against expected shipments
  > Routinely creates a trace for missing shipments
  > Ability to file claims for damages using your smartphone camera
  > Integrates directly with our backend systems to acknowledge inventory
  > Sign for packages on your own device - hygienic, easy, and fast!

Dicom strongly believes that a solid mobile program is vital to successful delivery operations!