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smart4 shipping

smart4 shipping is a solution that allows you to track and manage all your shipments in real time. Combined with the efficiency of Dicom Transportation Group in the field, smart4 shipping will take the day-to-day management of your shipments to new heights.

User Friendly

• Streamlined, user-friendly interface
• Complete, practical dashboard
• Data filtering option (by status, date, etc.)
• Contact list comparable to the one in your smart phone
• Option to scan your own product bar codes
• Payment by credit card with no account required
• Quick and easy to install


• Compatible with parcel and LTL shipments, both domestic and cross-border
• Customizable: use your contact lists, save your preferences and shipper profiles
• Responsive design for tablets and mobile devices
• Simplified version for Raspberry Pi devices and web stations
• Cloud-based data storage: no lost data, real-time syncing


• Save your preferences to eliminate duplicate steps and speed up the shipping process
• Real-time estimate of delivery dates
• Delivery log that uses analytical data to track shipping movements
• Save on logistical resources!

Discover our full suite of smart4 technologies, including:              smart4 tracking, smart4 mobility, and smart4 integration!