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At Dicom, we designed the revolutionary smart4 suite with engagement from both our customers and our employees. This platform consists of smart4 shipping, smart4 tracking, smart4 mobility, and smart4 integration. We leverage state-of-the-art mobile technology to drastically improve our customer interactions.  The smart4 suite gives our customers complete control by highlighting simplicity, transparency, and ease-of-use.

Key Components

smart4 shipping

Leveraging the latest technologies, this cutting-edge shipping system works for both domestic and cross-border shipments in Canada and the United States. smart4 shipping provides a one-stop shipping solution that is uniquely Dicom.

smart4 tracking

Need to know the status of your package? smart4 tracking will alert you through email or text message in real-time. smart4 tracking also consolidates all your shipments into one application, whether you are using our parcel or freight services.

smart4 mobility

Using the power of smartphone technology, smart4 mobility brings drivers, warehouse employees, and our customers on to a common platform. As our customer, you can easily request a pickup and sign for packages on your personal device! 

smart4 integration

smart4 integration allows all aspects of the smart4 suite to communicate. This technology also allows our customers to seamlessly integrate into the Dicom system through a "Do It Yourself" or DIY integration.