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smart4 tracking

smart4 tracking is a powerful platform that brings high shipment visibility to our customers. Our improved database integrates with numerous communication channels to ensure accuracy. Our customers can manage automated responses in order to improve their internal operations, as well as that of their customers.

Real-Time Updates

• Alerts internal management of any shipment deviation
• Exception reports allow for proper staffing to ensure continuity of service
• Notifies our customers of any delays (weather, accident, etc.)



Proactive Notifications

• Receive alerts when the shipment has been picked up
• Provides estimated arrival times of the driver
• Sends a message upon arrival at the delivery location
• Respond to the driver by email or SMS should another delivery attempt be required

Complete Customization

• Alerts can be configured through smart4 shipping
• Enroll your customers to receive alerts
• Select notifications received based on preferences
• Brand your messages to reflect your own business

All scans enter the systems through smart4 mobility and become visible aross the supply chain as shipment status is distributed by smart4 integration.

Compliance Scanning

We aim to improve customer productivity by leveraging modern communication channels and technology!